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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Indian Corn Spongepainting Craft

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Here's a unique method to make an Indian corn craft for Thanksgiving. Use sponges and chopsticks to make small corn kernel stamps to make a variety of colors. Great idea. Follow the tlink for the full, step by step tutorial.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recycled Candy Wrapper Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

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Candy Wrapper Turkeys

Here's a great alternative Thanksgiving turkey craft idea. Recycle candy wrappers into a colorful and eco-friendly turkey like this. This really lets kids imagination go wild. This concept would be great adapted for Earth Day or any theme. Follow the link for more.

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Awesome Free Crafts for School Ebook

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11 Teacher-Approved Crafts for School

Speaking of the awesome site, Fave Crafts, they have an awesome FREE ebook you can download entitled, "11 Teacher-Approved Crafts for School". It has a great collection of simple crafts that teachers can do in the class. They have great craft tutorials. Visit there to get your ebook today.

Thanksgiving Round-up: 12 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Easy Turkey Napkin Rings

Here's an awesome round-up collection of 12 Thanksgiving crafts especially for toddlers and preschoolers. This list includes Thanksgiving themed crafts like cornucopia, turkeys like the one above, and Fall crafts. Follow the link below to this awesome site for the full list and tutorials.

Fave Crafts

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easy Japanese Paper Lantern Craft

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If your studying about Japanese culture, this Japanese Paper Lantern craft is a great activity to do with your kids and is much easier than it looks.


  • cardboard
  • ruler
  • a box cutter or sharp knife
  • scissors
  • a pencil for marking
  • two sets of disposable wooden chopsticks(4 sticks) or small dowel rods
  • crayons
  • long Japanese Shoji paper, wax paper, or other long strip of white paper
  • a tea light or candle


Base and top
  1. Cut two 6 inch/15 cm squares from cardboard.
  2. On one square, measure and cut out a smaller square about 1 /2 inches/4 cm in from the edge for the top hole. The hole should be about 3 1/4 inches or 8 1/2cm.

  1. Cut a long strip of white paper about 6 inches/15 cm wide and 20 inches/50 cm long
  2. Roughly mark the paper into 4 1/2 inch/12 cm panels. There will be 4 panels to the lantern. remember to leave a little extra on the ends.
  3. Use crayons to draw a design on each panel. Choose whatever theme you wish.

  1. On the cardboard base and top, mark 4 holes, 1 inch/3cm from each corner. 
  2. Use a sharp pencil to start the holes.
  3. Break apart the chopsticks. There will be a skinny end and slightly fatter end. 
  4. Push the thin end of each chopstick through the base piece al the way till just before the bottom.
  5. Push the top piece with the large hole on the top to make the frame. 
  6. Wrap the decorated paper around the chopstick frame and glue the ends together.
  7. Alternatively, you could wrap and glue the paper first, remove the paper loop, decorate and put it back on. 
  8. Put a small candle inside and light your lantern.

You can use the Recycled cooking oil candle idea, too. 

Recycled Cooking Oil Candle Craft

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Looking for a way to recycle all that cooking oil after dinner? Here's a simple and resourceful idea to make small candles from waste cooking oil. This is a good activity to do with the Easy Japanese Paper Lantern Craft.

WARNING: Fire Hazard!
This activity must be done under close adult supervision. Don't use candles inside. Do not leave candles burning unattended!


  • used cooking oil
  • old cloth or rag
  • container to catch filtered oil
  • oil coagulant (optional)
  • a paper clip
  • thick cotton string or wick
  • aluminum muffin tin or used tea light tin


  1. Use an old cloth or rag to filter impurities from used cooking oil. 
  2. Open a paper clip so it sits with end sticking up as shown above.
  3. Cut a length of wick or thick cotton cord and insert the open paper clip rod up inside the cord to make your wick stand. 
  4. Place the wick stand in an aluminum muffin tin or used tea light tin.
  5. Use an oil coagulant if desired. I often find used cooking oil will coagulate by itself.
  6. Pour some oil into the tin. 
  7. Light your oil candle.

Warning: The oil candle makes black smoke and smells like whatever you were cooking.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Kaleidoscope Craft

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Here's a really simple recycled toilet roll kaleidoscope craft for kids. Actually it's not a proper kaleidoscope, nothing turns or needs a mirror. This is a perfect for Kindergarten or Elementary students. Te one pictured above was taped to the window, but you can just hold it up to the light.


  • toilet roll tube
  • colorful cellophane
  • non-sticky, reflective/holographic tape
  • colorful paper
  • decorative tape or paper
  • scotch tape
  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Cut a toilet roll tube into 1/4 sized rolls.
  2. Roll and glue holographic/reflective tape into very small loops or tear drop shapes. 
  3. Lay the 1/4 toilet roll on the table and fill with the reflective loops.
  4. Place small, irregular pieces of various colored cellophane over the top of the roll and tape everything in place with clear, scotch tape. Now, one end of the toilet roll is completely closed and looks like a small stained glass window and there are little reflective loops inside. 
  5. Turn over the toilet roll.
  6. Trace the toilet roll opening on wax paper and cut out with a little extra around the traced circle. 
  7. Place the wax paper over the open end of the roll and tape the sides down securely. 
  8. Now decorate the outside of the toilet roll with colorful adhesive tape, stickers, or paper .
  9. Hold the the kaleidoscope roll up to a light or window and look through the wax paper end. Roll with your fingers and see the swirls of various colors.

Easy Thanksgiving Paper Plate Mayflower Craft

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paper boat

Here's a simple Thanksgiving Mayflower craft idea. Cut and paint the boat piece. Cut other pieces for the sails and drinking straws for the masts. Easy and fun to make. Follow the link below for more.

Kids Activities Blog

Thanksgiving Paper Roll Thankful Turkey Craft

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turkey craft, fall activities, fall preschool craft, thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the good things in our lives. I've seen Thankful turkey crafts with things written on flat turkey tail feathers. Here's a nice alternative. Write the things your thankful or on strips of colorful paper, then roll and glue together. Glue these paper rings to your turkey template for the tail feathers. Great idea. Follow the link for this and loads of other variations on the turkey craft.

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